About Me

Hello to all book lovers (and non-book lovers also)!

My name is Salma,  and as you can probably assume, I am an avid bookworm passionate about expressing her opinions. I love to read (mostly historical fiction), to write, and to make all forms of art (except music because I would prooobably kill someone with my terrible voice.) I especially love photography, and I perhaps might even include some of it in this blog. Book-related of course. On the other hand, I would assume that most book-bloggers would include their favorite book in their “About Me,” but out of nearly 130 million books (just searched that up on Google) I simply cannot choose one! However, most of my reviews will be geared towards young adults (because I am one lol); and will include historical fiction, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, romance, and basically all the genres that have ever existed! And also with the occasional classic because those are goodies.

Thank you all my book loving (and non loving) friends, and I hope you enjoy the glimpses of my thoughts provided by this blog.

With Love,