Just Booky Things

Relatable Bookworm Library Moments

Yes, we’ve all had them. These moments that just seem to happen every. damn. time. No matter what you try to do and stop these moments from occurring–it’s inevitable.

*rubs hands together with a malicious smirk on face*

Let’s Begin…” the creepy blogger states, the glow of the computer screen giving a ghastly glow to her sleep-deprived face

        1. When you have no desire to pee, but for some apparent reason when you’re excited and looking for books, you really feel the need to go use the restroom but you decide books > emptying the bladder.
        2. Having a pile of books chosen and people stare at you awkwardly because the tower you built out of books is suuuper close to falling.
        3. When you find a really good book that belongs to a trilogy/series and you wonder if you should add even more books to that stack of neverending novels.
        4. Having a slightly awkward picture on the cover (people kissing/shirtless guy) and deciding whether you’re going to take the risk of exposing yourself and dying of embarrassment if someone sees it.
        5. Taking that book anyway despite the impending doom that might come along with it.
        6. Holding a book in your hands, staring at it for over 10 minutes and deciding whether or not it’s worth it to take home with you. ( I mean there’s only so many books you can carry–add any more and your back might snap in half)
        7. Finding a book that you wanted to read forever–AND DYING OF HAPPINESS RIGHT ON THE SPOT.
        8. Wishing that you could live in a library because duh, NEVER-ENDING HAPPINESS!!!
        9. Holding your pee for too long that you have no choice but to scurry off to the bathroom or else you’d wet your pants. Although that wouldn’t be soo bad, would it? Books > all 
        10. Sitting on the toilet and thinking about all the books you’re going to read when you get home
        11. Washing your hands in the sink and thinking about which one to read first
        12. Looking at the 20+ books in a stack and crying internally (Why must my love be so strong?!?! Why can’t I be a detatched girl with no emotions?! Why must I read all these books?!)
        13. Leaving the library with a gargantuan amount of books that you’re not going to regret getting
        14. That’s all Folks!


      Leave comments below on more experiences/relatable moments that you’ve had in the library!

      With Love,


      P.S: Here’s an accurate representation of what all of us bookworms probably look like at the library

      Bye! Hope you have fun during your next library trip!

      P.S.S: Don’t hold your bladder for too long!!


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